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Representative Clarke won a special election in 2013 for District 97, Alabama House of Representatives, and ran unopposed in 2014. Her record of service speaks for itself:
Sponsored and/or co-sponsored more than 85 pieces of legislation in her short time in Montgomery.

Significant Local Legislation sponsored and/or co-sponsored include:

  • BP Oil Spill funding to be local

  • Electronic Filing of Business Personal Property Tax Returns

  • Tougher school bus and motor vehicle laws

  • Creation of Alabama Coastal Insurance Authority

  • Affordable Windstorm Insurance

  • Insurance Discounts for Wind Damage Mitigation

  • Building Code Violations and Liens

  • Downtown Brunch Liquor Sales

  • Procedures for grass and weed nuisance properties

  • Expedited quiet title actions to remove blight

  • Modifications to USA Board of Trustees

  • Homeowner insurance credits

  • Regulations for Horizontal Wells

  • Tax exempt status for Mobile Community Action

Significant Statewide Legislation sponsored and/or co-sponsored include:

  • Tax credits for rehabilitation projects

  • Tax credits for historical projects

  • Student Harassment Prevention Act

  • EMT and Paramedics Tuition Reimbursement

  • Voter registration improvements

  • Five Day Voting Periods

  • Daycare Regulations

  • Tax Credit for hiring veterans

  • Small Business Disaster Short-term Loan Program

  • Raising Minimum Wages

  • Medicaid Program Improvements

  • Cost of Living Increase for Teachers’ Retirement System

  • Grandparent visitation

  • Title Loan Regulations

  • Cash Advance Regulations

  • Tax exemption for certain foods

  • Resident Business Preference for State Contracts

  • E-cigarettes advertising and warnings

Currently serving on meaningful committees.

  • Commerce and Small Business

  • Constitution, Campaigns and Elections

  • County and Municipal Government

  • Boards, Agencies and Commissions

  • Mobile County Legislation

Successfully assisted many families gain self-sufficiency and grow while working with the Mobile Housing Board’s affiliate, Mobile Development Enterprises.

  • Retired in good standing as a Vice President after more than a decade of service.

  • Worked with families and children.

  • Proud of her service and the families she helped.

Let’s send Representative Adline Clarke back to Montgomery so she can continue to work for District 97, the City of Mobile and the State of Alabama.

If you have any questions or would like to help the campaign, please call email Representative Clarke at
Also, interact with us on social media. Please visit our Facebook page.

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