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October 2, 2018

Clarke Campaign Launches “For All Alabamians”

Mobile, Ala. – Today, Rep. Adline Clarke’s Campaign launched a website and online ad campaign highlighting her commitment to fighting for the expansion of Medicaid. The ad highlights the hundreds of thousands of Alabamians who would receive health insurance coverage and the enormous economic benefit resulting from expansion of the program.

“I want Alabama to do better. And, we will through the expansion of Medicaid,” said Rep. Clarke. “The entire state will benefit from the expansion of this program, which will improve the quality of life for all Alabamians.”

Since 2010, Alabama has turned down the federal Medicaid expansion. Expansion of the program in Alabama would automatically mean another $12 billion dollars in resources over a 6-year period for the state, provide coverage for 300,000 Alabamians currently without access and have a potential overall economic impact of $28 billion dollars. It’s also estimated the Medicaid expansion would create 30,000 new jobs and could reopen 11 hospitals across the state.

Rep. Clarke's platform is focused on ensuring Alabamians have access to well paying jobs, well-funded schools and quality affordable healthcare.

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For All Alabamians!

For All Alabamians!

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